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Nymph Russian escort Adel – IstanbulVipEscorts!


Nymph Russian escort Adel

Istanbul Escort Girl

Adel is 26 with the face of a nymph and the manners of a fairy. A big fan of costume parties and numismatics, she is as rare as her hobbies. Adel is from Russian. She has been to a lot of places so far, and Turkey is her fourth halt on the way. She came to Istanbul at the start of this year and fell in love with the city. Having experience in this professional previously, she chose to take this as a profession in this thriving industry. New to the industry, this is her first industry.

Her clients prefer to spend time with her because of her girly nature that is bubbling with enthusiasm. She is very polite, carefree and has a friendly disposition about her. Even clients with a good age gap are able to gel with her easily. Just meet her over a cup of coffee and by the time the cups empty you will know that she has got you comfortable with her. She loves to travel, even if it is a day tour of the city. Being very young, she is curious and always likes to be a part of everything she doesn’t know.

This is why she keeps a huge circle of friends from all parts of the world. In her spare time, she loves to hang out with her friends in a mall. She loves coffee and just can’t refuse a cup, no matter what time of the day it is. With that one addiction, she can totally have you fall for her with a wave of her hand. She has a slight frame with beautiful curves that one cannot ignore. In public, she loses them easily and jumps into action with the energy of a nymphomaniac.

1 Hour 250€ – 2 Hours 400€ – 3 Hours 600€ – Overnight 1000€ – Anal 150€

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  • Posted: October 15, 2015 14:11


    i am totally fond of adel. she is one curvaceous woman with ample assets. her big bust, wide hips and hourglass figure is enough to make you go weak on the knees
  • Posted: March 31, 2016 04:19


    Those who are looking for a great belly dancer must meet adel. In my opinion, she is the best in this field